10 Swhacker Razor 252 Review 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Swhacker Razor 252 Review 2023 – The blades of the RAZORSeries, which are available in three variations, are composed of solid 420 stainless steel and can be as thick as.065, which is more than TWICE the thickness of comparable fixed blade broadheads on the market.


Swhacker Razor 252 Review 2023

#01 – Swhacker 3 Blade Practice Head

Swhacker 3 Blade Practice Head (Pack of 3), 1.5"/100 Grain, Red
  • Set of 3 heads
  • 3-Blade, 100-grain, 1.50-inch Swhacker Broadhead practice heads
  • "Opens so fast...you can hear the Swhack!"

#02 – RAGE Hypodermic NC 2-Blade 100gr Hunting Broadhead (R38100),

RAGE Hypodermic NC 2-Blade 100gr Hunting Broadhead (R38100), Hybrid Tip, No Collar Blade Lock.035” Thick Swept-Back Angled Blades with a 2” Cutting Diameter, Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule, 3-Pack
  • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their pinpoint accuracy, extreme penetration, and their wound channels are legendary
  • SUPERIOR AERODYNAMICS – This broadhead sports a machined stainless steel ferrule for superior aerodynamics
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY - The Hybrid Hypodermic tip design of this broadhead gives you the pinpoint accuracy of a leading edge design with the added penetration of a chisel tip
  • BLADE RETENTION - The no collar blade retention system ensures the blades will not deploy prematurely in your quiver or on the brush making these the perfect broadhead for spot and stalk hunting
  • FEATURES – 2-Blade, 100 Grain Broadhead with Hybrid Hypodermic Tip. .035” Blades with 2” cutting diameter. Recommended Practice Head: Hypodermic 100 grain Practice Head (SKU: R39109) - 3 Pack

#03 – Swhacker Set of 6-125 Grain 2.25 Inch Replacement Blades

Swhacker Set of 6-125 Grain 2.25 Inch Replacement Blades
  • Set of 6 blades
  • 125 Grain Blade
  • Blade: .032" thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • 1 inch in flight -2.25 inches after penetration
  • Includes extra shrink tubing

#04 – RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology (3-Pack)
  • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their legendary wound channels
  • MASSIVE CUTTING SURFACES – Rear-deploying, SlipCam design with huge leading-edge blade and razor sharp .035" thick stainless steel expandable blades; 2" cutting diameter; 100 Grain
  • TECHNOLOGY - Improved Shock Collar Technology ensures proper blade retention while bolt is stored & in-flight and allows for broadhead to open upon impact – Aluminum Construction FERRULE ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY
  • 3 PACK - 100 grain broadhead. Also available in 125 grain. Replacement blade R53005 (not included); Made in the USA
  • RAGE - Leading the Evolution in Mechanical broadheads.

#05 – Rage Extreme 4 Blade Arrow Archery Broadhead,

Rage Extreme 4 Blade Arrow Archery Broadhead, 100 Grain - 2 Pack
  • EXTREME 4-BLADE BROADHEAD - Designed to produce the enormous entry and exit wounds required for extreme blood trails, the Rage X-Treme 4-blade leaves nothing to chance
  • ALUMINUM FERRULE - Combining a streamlined black anodize aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule with fixed and movable blades to deliver total cutting surfaces in excess of over 3.1-inches.
  • CUT ON CONTACT TIP - The .030” thick single-piece, 7/8” cut-on-contact tip and two double-bevel .035” expandable wing blades
  • SLIP CAM TECHNOLOGY - Like all Rage broadheads, the new X-Treme 4-blade features Rage’s exclusive Slip Cam technology for reliable blade deployment
  • RAGE - Leading the Evolution in Mechanical Broadheads. Made in the USA

#06 – Allen Company Titan™ Broadhead Box & Caddy,

Allen Company Titan™ Broadhead Box & Caddy, Holds 6 Broadheads, Broadheads with Closed Width Up to 1-3/8 inches, Carbon Fiber
  • Fits most three- and four-blade broadheads
  • High impact carbon fiber look case
  • Lid-locking system prevents broadheads from shaking loose
  • Foam inserts protect and secure the broadheads
  • Compact size fits in your bow case or backpack

#07 – Swhacker Razor 252 4 Blade 100gr Broadhead

#08 – SIK SK2 and SK2CB Explandable Broadhead

SIK SK2 2-Blade Expandable Broadhead with FliteLoc® Technology
  • Uses patented FliteLoc Technology to broad head will deploy on impact
  • Features signature Offset Blade Design
  • Produces a 2" offset entry wound
  • Creates a 3. 625" cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broad head

#09 – New Archery Products NAP DK4 Hunting Bow Spitfire

New Archery Products NAP DK4 Hunting Bow Spitfire Hybrid Mechanical 1 3/4" Cutting Diameter Compound Broadhead 3 Pieces Pack, 125 Grain
  • DK4 COMPOUND BROADHEADS - The DK4 represents the next level in broadhead development featuring a pivoting main blade and two mechanical bleeder blades designed for maximum penetration potential
  • TRUE PASS-THROUGH POWER - The main blade of the DK4 broadheads from New Archery Products hits hard and deflects around very thick bone sections to maintain momentum and deliver true pass-through power
  • SPITFIRE SPRING CLIP TECHNOLOGY - Spitfire spring clip technology holds the main blade in during launch and the bleed blades are designed to open on impact no matter what your target
  • FIELD-POINT ACCURACY - The DK4 features 2 deploying bleeder blades for a 1 3/4” cutting diameter equating to devastating wound channels that don’t need additional O-rings, collars, or rubber bands
  • BONE-CRUSHING TROPHY TIP - Having a bone-crushing trophy tip and diamized blade-sharpening process, the DK4 broadhead from New Archery Products flies like a dart and makes a good blood trail ensuring enhanced hunting experience

#10 – BLOODSPORT 10775 Archery Crossbow

BLOODSPORT Gravedigger 4-Blade Hunting Hybrid Mechanical Broadhead with Cut-on-Contact Tip - 100 Grains | 1" Fixed 1.75" Mechanical Cutting Diameter | 3 Pack
  • HYBRID BROADHEAD - Our patented hybrid broadheads offer a unique option: a wide-cutting fixed blade and a lethal mechanical cutting diameter promise a 100 percent chance of deep wound channels; Take down big game with the Gravedigger broadhead
  • CUTTING DIAMETER - In fixed-blade mode, the Gravedigger features a 1-inch blade with two 0.5-inch bleeders for precise in-flight performance with hard-hitting impact; Two cross-opening blades deploy immediately upon entry for a maximum 1.75-inch cutting surface
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The blades of this Bloodsport hunting arrow broadhead are crafted of 416 stainless steel; This ultra-durable material demonstrates good corrosion & oxidation resistance plus high strength in the hardened and tempered condition
  • RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION - Patented Blade Retention System holds blades and eliminates the necessity of rubber bands or O-rings; 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule has excellent mechanical properties and exhibits high strength, toughness, and good resistance
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - This Bloodsport Gravedigger no-failure bow hunting arrow broadhead is a perfect choice due to its high quality and superior construction; It features a bone-splitting cut-on-Contact tip; Available in 100 & 125 grains; 3 Pack

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