10 Best Safety Razor for Beginners 2022 – Buyer’s Guide!

Best Safety Razor for Beginners 2022: Since if you are using something for the first time especially to your face than safety comes first always.

Safety Razor for Beginners

Best Safety Razor for Beginners 2022

#01 – VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain JR Double Edge Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain JR Double Edge Safety Razor (Slim & Mild)
  • NOTE #1: Razor does NOT come with blades to prevent rash from blade unsuitability. Please purchase blade samples separately and discover what suits you best
  • NOTE #2: "Material" is 100% pure Brass. Please ignore the Amazon glitch that says anything else
  • Our easiest & most eco-friendly single-blade safety razor, a pure shaving experience without fluff
  • LIGHTNING QUICK blade change, suits all double edge safety razor blades
  • Great and meaningful for all occasions: Christmas, Father's Day etc

#02 – Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2

Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor AS D2
  • Double Edge Razor; Eco Friendly Economical Razor Created For A Luxurious And Modern Experience Of A Traditional Wet Shave; Safety Razor Featuring Complete Control Of A Close And Irritation Free Shave; Compatible With All Skin And Hair Types
  • Stainless Steel; Heavyweight Handle Helps The Blade Glide Smoothly Over The Skin; Disposable Blades Enable A Smooth Shave And Resists Heat And Other Impurities; The Stainless Steel Head And Blade Refuse The Growth Of Bacteria And Other Pathogens
  • Luxury Design; Japanese Engineered Three Piece Stainless Steel Construction For Easy Dismantling And Cleaning; The Perfectly Balanced Weight Provides The Highest Quality Optimal Shaving Experience Achievable By A Straight Safety Razor
  • Safe Wet Shave; Double Edge Razor Delivers Traditional And Close Shave That Is Unattainable By Multi Blade Shaves With Innovative And Safe Technology Presented By Feather
  • Specifications; Stainless Steel Handle Is Three Point Inches; Weighs Three Point Four Ounces; Includes Five Hi Stainless Razor Blades

#03 – MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle
  • Extra thick handle
  • Reliable grip
  • Made in Germany
  • Allows for a close, comfortable shave

#04 – Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor by Edwin Jagger
  • One of the most popular safety razors is also one of the best
  • he Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Lined Chrome Safety Razor has a classic straight guard with an extremely fine engraved finish that looks awesome on any bathroom counter. Three-piece chrome plated razor has just the right weight and length, perfectly balanced to provide the smoothest shave a gent can find.

#05 – Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor for Men & 5 Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
  • ELIMINATE RAZOR BURN and INGROWN HAIRS – Parker Safety Razors are designed to eliminate shaving bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs. Parker Razors are world famous for delivering a Barber Shop Shave experience in your own home.

  • HANDMADE with GENUINE BRASS - Every Parker Safety Razor is handmade with a Genuine Brass frame and then Electroplated for a superior finish which is both beautiful and durable

  • WORLD FAMOUS QUALITY ENGINEERING – Parker Safety Razor has been manufacturing quality Shaving Products for over 45 years. Our Butterfly mechanism makes blade replacement simple and easy. This particular razor also has a heavily knurled handle to ensure a “sure grip” even with wet and soapy hands in the shower

  • HEAVYWEIGHT DESIGN – The Heavyweight design of our all metal safety razor makes shaving easier. There is less pulling, tugging and blade drag as the weight of the razor does this work. Less expensive and lighter weight razors simply don’t shave like a Parker Heavyweight

  • 5 PARKER PREMIUM PLATINUM RAZOR BLADES INCLUDED - A world class razor shaves better with a world class razor blade. Parker’s blades are manufactured with stainless steel from Sandvik of Sweden and coated with a proprietary platinum and polymer blend for long lasting and smooth shaves. All razor blades are not the same. See the Parker difference!

#06 – MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Razor Adjustable Futur Brushed Chrome Safety Razor, MK-700002
  • Double Edge Design
  • Beautiful Satin finish
  • Gives a close, comfortable shave
  • Adjustable razor blade angle
  • Made in Germany

#07 – Parker 24c

Parker 24C Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Razor with Heavyweight Brass Frame Handle- 5 Premium Parker Safety Razor Blades Included
  • OPEN COMB HEAD DESIGN: This 3-piece razor comes with an open comb head design to give you a barbershop quality shave at home. It is engineered to stretch your skin before cutting to deliver a remarkably close shave.
  • LONG BRASS HANDLE FOR FIRM GRIP: The classic men’s razor features a 3.75 inch (9.5 cm) genuine brass frame which is electro-plated. The textured handle ensures a sure grip even with wet, soapy hands.
  • EXTREMELY FINE SHAVE: This double edge razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave without being overly aggressive. It reduces the risk of irritation, bumps and razor burn that are more prevalent with cartridge razors.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: This durable, heavyweight razor has a 4-inch handle and weighs 3 oz. (86g). The razor has no moving parts, which ensures the razor will last for many years.
  • PREMIUM PLATINUM 5 DOUBLE-EDGE BLADES: This old school shaver comes with 5 Parker Premium double-edge Safety Razor blades. These blades are used by professional barbers around the world.

#08 – Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor and 5 Parker Premium Blades - Adjust The Blade Exposure with A Turn of Dial for Milder or More Aggressive Shaves (Satin Chrome)
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHAVE - Easily adjust the blade exposure by turning the knob on the bottom of the razor - Customize your shave by selecting your exposure of choice. The lower the setting, the less the blade exposure and the milder the shave. Find the setting that's just right for you
  • THE ONLY RAZOR YOU WILL NEED -IT'S LIKE MANY DIFFERENT RAZORS IN ONE - Perfect for new and experienced safety razor users alike - You select how aggressive to make the blade exposure. Start on a mild setting and notch it up as you gain expertise or want more blade exposure
  • CHOOSE YOUR BLADE - Compatible with all standard double edge Safety Razor blades. Ditch the cartridge for Double Edge Razor blades that are economical, more environmentally friendly and result in less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs than expensive cartridges
  • HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY - Long 4 Inch Handle, Razor Weighs 110 Grams (almost 4 ounces). Let the weight of the razor do the work. Keep the razor blade at a small angle and don't press the razor against your skin. You will be rewarded with a Barber Shop close shave. Many of our customers tell us they'll never go back to a cartridge razor
  • START WITH A PREMIUM BLADE - 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Included. Our world class razor comes with a world class blade to deliver a close and comfortable shave out of the box.

#09 – Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless Steel Double-Edge Safety Razor for Men and Women with 6 Adjustable Shave Settings and 5 Fully Recyclable Eco Razor Blades
  • BEST STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY RAZOR IN THE WORLD - The Rockwell 6S is a single blade, double-edged safety razor that is widely considered by shaving aficionados as the world's best stainless steel safety razor
  • INNOVATIVE ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM = NO MORE NICKS OR CUTS - The 6S features Rockwell’s patented design that offers 6 adjustable shave settings to deliver the best shaving experience for every skin type and every shaving occasion
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM, DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL - The Rockwell 6S is made out of pure, durable stainless steel through an innovative metal-injection-moulding process, and is bead-blasted for a premium matte finish.
  • COMES WITH 1 MONTH OF BLADES - Packaged in an elegant leather metal gift box containing 1 Rockwell 6S Razor with 5 Rockwell Razors brand premium Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - All of our razors are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects - We stand behind the craftsmanship that goes into all our razors.

#10 – SUPPLY Single Edge Injector

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