10 Best Gillette Razor 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Best Gillette Razor 2022: First if you are specifically going to buy Gillette razor then you are at the right page. As we have covered all the best products.

Gillette Razor

Best Gillette Razor 2022

#01 – Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor

Gillette Mach3 Mens Razor Blade Refills, 10 Count
  • Feels better than a new disposable, even on the 10th shave (overall preference vs. Sensor2 Plus disposable). Closer shave, without all the redness (vs. Sensor2 Plus disposable). Razor cartridge features 3 DuraComfort blades for long-lasting comfort. Advanced skin guard helps stretch your skin, and prepares your hair to be cut.

#02 – Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors for Men, 1 Gillette Razor, 4 Razor Blade Refills, Shields Against Skin Irritation
  • SHARPEST BLADES: Our sharpest blades (first 4 blades) help get virtually every hair effortlessly
  • FLEXBALL HANDLE: FlexBall technology that responds to contours
  • 5-BLADES: 5 anti-friction blades for a close, long-lasting shave
  • ENHANCED LUBRASTRIP: Blade refills feature an enhanced lubracation strip (vs Fusion5) for comfort; Fades when you are no longer getting an optimal shave
  • PRECISION TRIMMER: On the back for hard-to-reach places and styling facial hair

#03 – Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor Handle + 4 Blade Refills
  • Gillette razors for men with stronger than steel blades stay sharper longer (vs. sensor3)
  • Engineered to last for 15 comfortable shaves
  • Gillette Mach3 Turbo men's razor features sharper, Turbo cutting blades (first 2 blades vs. Sensor3)
  • Long lasting lubrication strip provides an incredible glide
  • Micro fin skin guard stretches the skin, and prepares hair to be cut

#04 – Gillette Sensor2 Plus Men’s Disposable Razor

Gillette Sensor2 Plus Fixed Men's Disposable Razor, 10 Count (Pack of 3) Blue
  • Pack of three, 10 count razors (Total of 30 Count Razors)
  • Lubrastrip with lubricating power. Comes upto 5 shaves
  • Soft Ultragrip handle for great control
  • Fixed, non pivoting head
  • Features chromium coating for long lasting blades

#05 – Gillette Venus Smooth Women’s Razor

Gillette Venus Smooth Womens Razor Blade Refills, 8 Count, Lubracated to Protect the Skin from Irritation
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Each blade refill lasts up to one month (based on twice/week shave); just use and replace when you're ready for a new one
  • SAVE TIME: These refills have 3 built-in blades, shaving hair quickly and effectively. Shave right, not more
  • SOFT SHAVING: Made with protective elastomer comfort cushions around the blades
  • Features a blue indicator strip that fades when you’re no longer getting the optimal shave
  • Any Venus blade refill fits any Venus razor handle (except Simply Venus and Venus Pubic Hair Razor)

#06 – Gillette Vector 3 Razor

#07 – Gillette Body Men’s Razor

Gillette Body Men's Razor Blade Refills, 4 Count, Mens Razors / Blades
  • Gillette’s first men’s body razor—built for grooming male terrain (you may call it manscaping)
  • Rounded head designed for total body comfort
  • Gillette razor blades with 3 lubricating strips for outstanding glide
  • 3 PowerGlide floating razor blades
  • Forward pivoting head easily adapts to body contours

#08 – Gillette Sensor Men’s Razor

Gillette Sensor3 Cool Men's Disposable Razor, 3 Razors
  • Up to 10 fresh shaves per razor
  • 3 skin sensing blades for a comfortable shave
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with water-activated ComfortFresh technology for a fresh shave
  • 40 degree pivoting head which adjusts to the contours of the face
  • Anti-slip rubber handle for control and manoeuverability

#09 – Gillette Venus Sensitive Women’s Disposable Razor

Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin, Delivers Close Shave with Comfort, 6 Count (Pack of 1)
  • DISPOSABLE RAZORS: Sensitive disposable women’s razors. No refills needed
  • SAVE TIME: These female razors have 3 blades, shaving hair quickly and effectively
  • 3 BLADES: The razor's 3 blades and SkinElixir lubrastrip for glide, deliver a close shave with ease and comfort
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: designed with a soft-grip gel to comfortably fit your hands
  • DURABLE DESIGN: These razors last for up to one month (based on a twice-a-week shave); just use and replace when you're ready for a new one

#10 – Gillette Presto Razor

Gillette Presto Razor
  • Provides smooth comfortable shave
  • Patented dlc comfort edge
  • Effortlessly glides on the face

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